5 Classic Don Siegel Movies

A great action director who helped propel Clint Eastwood to super stardom, Don Siegel was a consummate pro whose influence is still felt today.

John Ford and Maureen O'Hara Classic Movies

While John Ford had a far more prolific collaboration with John Wayne, the director also helmed five films with Maureen O’Hara, undoubtedly his favorite actress. Though it only lasted five movies – as compared to the 21 pictures Ford made with Wayne – their partnership produced a number of lasting classics. Unlike some actresses at the time, O’Hara was more than willing to tackling more physically challenging roles, making her a perfect fit in Westerns and other action-oriented movies. Here are all five films made between John Ford and Maureen O’Hara.

Charles Bronson Movies

One of the most taciturn leading men of any era, Charles Bronson spent years working as supporting player throughout the 1950s and early ’60s until finally becoming a star. Known for playing unemotional tough guys more comfortable using violence over words, Bronson became a top box office draw during the turbulent late-1960s and early ’70s, when he played hard-nosed vigilantes who took matters into their own hands. Though his starred dimmed in the following decades, Bronson lived on as one of the great action stars of his generation.

Classics on Blu-ray May 2013 Part I

Usually I’m hard-pressed to find enough movies for this article, but this month there are tons of classics being released on Blu-ray. In fact, there are so many that I need two lists. Those making the transfer in part I are a classic World War II action thriller; an iconic biblical musical; a searing courtroom drama starring Paul Newman; an experimental thriller from Alfred Hitchcock starring James Stewart; a biopic of a Mexican revolutionary with Marlon Brando; and a psychological Western adapted from an early Elmore Leonard short story. As always, these releases make for great gifts for casual fans and classic movie buffs alike.

Courtroom Dramas

One of the more popular and versatile sub-genres, courtroom dramas combine mystery, suspense and deeply compelling character despite often being limited to few locations. With most of the action taking place inside a courtroom, these films nonetheless deliver plenty of fireworks in the form of bombastic attorneys, rousing speeches and plenty of plot twists. Here are seven examples of classic courtroom dramas.

Classics on Blu-Ray Nov 2012

Lots of great movies are being released on Blu-ray this November, just in time for holiday shopping. Among those making the transfer are a Billy Wilder classic; an underappreciated World War II action thriller starring Frank Sinatra; George C. Scott’s greatest performance; a sweeping David Lean epic; and an early 1980s remake of a film noir classic from 1946. As always, these films make great additions to both casual fans and ardent collectors alike.

Frank Sinatra Movies

While best remembered for recording a multitude of hits like ‘Strangers in the Night’, ‘My Way’ and ‘Summer Wind’, Frank Sinatra also forged a successful film career that included starring roles in several classics and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Being a best-selling crooner, Sinatra naturally had his start in musicals, but soon displayed considerable acting chops in dramas, action movies and political thrillers.

Classic Spy Movies

Whether gritty and realistic or slick and campy, spy films have been a favorite genre among filmmakers and audiences. Often set in some international locale, they featured government agents engaged in espionage in secret and at great risk to themselves. Though numerous spy movies were made prior to World War II, notably by Alfred Hitchcock, it wasn’t until the Cold War that the genre exploded in popularity. Some took the Russian threat seriously, while others like James Bond had more of a devil-may-care attitude toward the free world’s sworn enemies. In the 1970s, audiences’ paranoia turned inward in the wake of Watergate, which was best exemplified by the likes of Sydney Pollack and Alan J. Pakula. Regardless of historical influences, spy films have always been escapist entertainment for moviegoers seeking action, thrills, and clear-cut heroes and villains.

7 Elizabeth Taylor Movies

For over 50 years, Elizabeth Taylor reigned as one of classic Hollywood’s great screen actresses. Starting her career as a child performer, she blossomed into a star following her adolescent years and earned four consecutive Academy Award nominations, while becoming a top box office attraction for over a decade.

Great Heist Movies

With intricate plots, multiple twists and turns, and gritty characters who live on the edge, heist movies have long been a Hollywood staple. Sometimes the thieves suffer the consequences of their action and sometimes they get away with their crimes, but their carefully hatched plans almost always go awry. Here are nine of the best heist movies from Classic Hollywood.