Classics on Blu-Ray for March 2014

While the pickings are a bit slim, March features some under the radar classics being released on Blu-ray, including an oft-overlooked historical epic starring Charlton Heston and Rex Harrison; a great Western featuring Burt Lancaster as Wyatt Earp; another Western starring John Wayne and directed by Howard Hawks; and a heartwarming drama featuring Mickey Rooney.

9 Great Comedy Classics

Whether sophisticated in manner or of the slapstick variety, there’s always a classic comedy for any taste. The counterpoint to drama, comedies have always been with us no matter what the medium and they always will be. Sometimes they’re absurd, other times bitingly satirical, but all are designed to make us laugh. Here are just a few of the very best classic comedies ever made.

Classic Movies on Blu-ray for December 2013,…

Just in time for the holidays, the month of December will see a number of great classic movies released on Blur-ray. Among those making the transfer are two later Hitchcock thrillers; a multi-Oscar winning drama; a searing cop drama from Sidney Lumet; Robert Altman’s mid-1970s masterpiece; and a great romantic fantasy starring Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison.

Vivien Leigh 100th Anniversary Collection to be Released on Blu-ray

In celebration of her 100th birthday this year, the Cohen Film Collection will release a four-movie set starring Vivien Leigh on Blu-ray. Featuring some of Leigh’s lesser-known titles, the collection will contain four pre- Gone With the Wind movies that the actress made in England: the comedy of manners Storm in a Teacup (1937); the period costume drama Fire Over England (1937), co-starring Laurence Olivier ; the romantic spy drama Dark Journey (1937); and the showbiz melodrama St. Martin’s Lane (1938). … Read Full Post

7 Classic Rock Hudson Movies

One of the most popular movie stars of the 1950s and 1960s, Rock Hudson became well-known as a leading man in an array of romantic comedies, particularly opposite close friend Doris Day. But he also displayed considerable acting chops in a number of dramas and earned himself an Academy Award nomination for Best actor in 1956. While he projected the image of an eligible ladies man, Hudson was in fact leading a double life as a closeted gay man whose death from HIV-related illness in 1985 shocked the world. Regardless, he remained a giant star whose popularity continues unabated. Here are seven best movies starring Rock Hudson.

Classic Movies on Blu-ray for November 2013,…

Part two of November’s Blu-ray releases features a compelling real-life drama that turned Joanne Woodward into a star; a lesser espionage thriller from The Master; a silent era horror classic; a great paranoid thriller about the biggest political scandal in American history; an adaptation of a Charlotte Bront

6 Spectacular Disaster Movies

As long as Hollywood has been making movies, the threat of impending doom has long been a plot device used by filmmakers to heighten drama. But the genre didn’t really flourish until the 1970s, when the studios churned out movies about looming disaster as frequently as they did screwball comedies in the 1930s, film noir in the 1940s, and sword-and-sandal epics in the 1950s. And just like those other popular money-making genres, the disaster movie reached its apex before dying out due to a string of flops. Here are six great disaster movies spanning five decades.

Classic Movies on Blu-ray for October 2013,…

A ton of great movies are set to be released on the popular Blu-ray format in October. Among those making the transfer are an all-time classic marking its 75th anniversary; a romantic drama for the ages; the Master’s late return to the spy film genre; a charming fantasy starring Veronica Lake; a cynical World War II comedy from Billy Wilder; two family-friendly adventures from 20th Century Fox; and a long-forgotten musical comedy starring Danny Kaye.

Errol Flynn Biopic Makes Premiere at Toronto Film Fest

The Last of Robin Hood (2013), a new biographical drama depicting the final years of matinee idol Errol Flynn , made its premiere at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival early last week. … Read Full Post

Humphrey Bogart and John Huston Movies

While not as highly regarded as other actor-director combos, like Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart or George Cukor and Katharine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and John Huston collaborated on five films, four of which have stood the test of time as all-time classics. Combining Huston’s dramatic ambition with Bogie’s world-weary persona, their partnership was the stuff dreams were made of, as the two were kindred spirits both on- and off-screen. Bogart won his only Oscar thanks to his work with Huston, while in turn the director won his only Academy Award for Best Director. Here are four great classic movies made by Humphrey Bogart and John Huston.