5 Classic Bela Lugosi Movies

Bela Lugosi was both a star and eternally typecast thanks to playing Dracula in 1931. But his performance defined the role and made horror a mainstream genre.

Blu-ray Releases For July 2014, Part II

Part 2 of 3. Continuing the Blu-ray releases for this month are a special effects-laden adaptation of H.G. Wells’ most popular story; a classic fish out of water comedy that delivered Judy Holliday the Oscar for Best Actress; a simple, but extraordinary character drama that turned Ernest Borgnine into a star; the sci-fi horror flick that put David Cronenberg on the map; and a tale of crime and redemption from French New Wave master Robert Bresson.

Classic Movies on Blu-ray for May 2014

Another month, another slew of great classic movies being released on Blu-ray. Among those making the transfer to the popular format in May are a great satire about journalism that turned out to be Billy Wilder’s first financial flop; George Cukor’s sophisticated comedy starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, and Rosalind Russell; Mel Brooks’ great Western spoof starring Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder; and an underrated murder mystery starring the master of horror Bela Lugosi. Whether one is an avid collector or just an occasional buyer, all these films make for worth additions to anyone’s Blu-ray shelf.

Classic Movies on Blu-ray for November 2013,…

Part two of November’s Blu-ray releases features a compelling real-life drama that turned Joanne Woodward into a star; a lesser espionage thriller from The Master; a silent era horror classic; a great paranoid thriller about the biggest political scandal in American history; an adaptation of a Charlotte Bront

‘Carrie’ Remake Fizzles at the Box Office

At first, it must have seemed like a good idea. A remake of a classic horror movie based on an acclaimed novel by one of our greatest authors. But as Sony Screen Gems and MGM just found out, that’s not always a recipe for box office success. In fact, it often never is. … Read Full Post

Classic Movies on Blu-ray for September 2013

Lots of great classic movies are being released on Blu-ray this September. Among those making the transfer are Hitchcock’s last film made before his noted decline; a classic paranoid thriller from Hollywood’s Second Golden Age; an excellent spy film starring Richard Burton; the horror classic that turned Boris Karloff into a star; and the first film to earn Joseph L. Mankiewicz the Oscar for Best Director.

6 Hilarious Classics by Mel Brooks

A former stand-up comic and writer on variety shows, Mel Brooks reached legendary status as an award-winning writer, actor, and director with hilariously irreverent spoofs on a number of classic Hollywood genres. Whether parodying Westerns, horror films, or history itself, Brooks brought a vulgar sense of humor to movies that turned off some, but nonetheless have become comedy classics. One of a few people to win an Emmy, an Oscar, a Tony, and a Grammy, Brooks undoubtedly left his distinct mark on entertainment. Here are six of the best Mel Brooks movies.

‘Bates Motel’ Premieres Tonight

While Hollywood often goes to the remake well to draw new films from previous ones, it’s less common for the small screen to tap into movies of yesteryear for inspiration. But tonight, cable network A&E will air a prequel of sorts to Alfred Hitchcock ‘s classic horror thriller Psycho (1960). … Read Full Post

Blu-ray Releases July 2012

For July, more great classic movies will be released onto the popular Blu-ray format. Among those making the transfer this month are the film that turned Rita Hayworth into a star; two widely divergent films both celebrating their 6oth anniversaries; a seven-disc box set featuring all the great movies starring Marilyn Monroe; a zany ensemble comedy about air racing; and a sci-fi horror classic directed by George Siegel.

7 Classic Horror Movies

Whether you like monsters or goblins or ghosts or even aliens from another planet, there’s nothing quite like watching old scary movies on Halloween. While some of these classic films seem rather tame or even laughable by today’s standards, they still manage to pack a terrifying punch. Here are just a few of some of the best horror movies from classic Hollywood and beyond.