5 Classic Football Movies

Whether an inspirational tale about a legendary figure or a cynical exploration of the seamy underbelly of professional sports, there’s a classic movie about football for just about everyone. Some are straightforward biopics about a player or coach, while others use football as a means for rebellious heroes to clash with authoritarian powers-that-be. But the elements are typically the same: a game is played and a win leads to cathartic release or a loss triggers deeper enlightenment that extends beyond the field.

Classic Biopics

Hollywood has always been fascinated with larger-than-life figures from all walks of life, which makes it no surprise that biographical films – or biopics – have been an enduring staple of cinema. Whether the focus is on kings, presidents, sports figures or Broadway stars, biopics typically follow a classic rise, fall and redemption paradigm that seeks to capture the essence of their subjects without necessarily adhering to the facts of their lives.

Errol Flynn Movies

Synonymous with swashbuckling adventure, Errol Flynn was a large than life persona who became an overnight star, only to be typecast as a sword-wielding rogue for the remainder his career. During his peak, however, Flynn was one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars and became a legend after delivering the quintessential portrayal of Robin Hood. Despite his image for dashing heroics, Flynn branched out beyond costume adventure to star in everything from Westerns and historical dramas to sports-themed biopics and war movies. Here are eight classic movies starring Errol Flynn.

Yul Brynner in Escape from Zahrain on DVD

Freed from captivity after his fanatical followers attack the vehicle transporting him and a ragtag trio of offenders to prison, an Arab nationalist leader leads his fellow escapees across the desert in this 1962 action adventure directed by Ronald Neame and co-starring Sal Mineo & Jack Warden.

Classic Football Movies

It may not be America’s favorite sport, but football is more popular than ever, and has been a factor in more than one Hollywood film, dating back to the silent era. Here are some of the best.

Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe – Coming to Bookstores

This is the first comprehensive biography of the legendary figure who redefined American sports — arguably the greatest all-around athlete the United States has ever seen; he’s also the subject of the 1951 biopic Jim Thorpe – All-American starring Burt Lancaster as Thorpe. GET THE DETAILS.

The Bad News Bears (1976)

Movie: The Bad News Bears (1976) “First of a trilogy of films takes an unflinching look at the underbelly of little league baseball in Southern California. Former minor leaguer Morris Buttermaker is a lazy, beer swilling swimming pool cleaner who takes money to coach the Bears, a bunch of disheveled misfits who have virtually no […]

Freedom Highway

A Greyhound bus transports us through the landscape of American mythology. Part travelogue, part Greyhound advertisement.