Warner Bros. Releasing 'Golden Year Collection'…

Warner Bros. is releasing the Golden Year Collection, a five-film, six-disc set featuring newly restored classics from the great year of 1939.

What to Watch on Turner Classic Movies This Weekend

Whether you’re looking to beat the heat by staying indoors or just love spending a lazy summer day watching classic movies, Turner Classic Movies has a great lineup in store this weekend. … Read Full Post

Rita Moreno to Appear at the Plaza Classic Film Festival

If you’re a classic movie fan living near El Paso, TX, or are planning to be in the area the first week of August, the Plaza Classic Film Festival has a treat in store for you. … Read Full Post

Restored ‘Funny Girl’ Kicks Off TCM Classic Film Fest

A new digital restoration of the classic 1968 musical Funny Girl will open the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival with a world premiere at the festival’s Opening Night Gala tonight. … Read Full Post

Fox Announces New Classics on Blu-ray

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment recently announced a slate of classic movies to be released on Blu-ray for the first time. Selected through their Voice Your Choice campaign, Fox allowed classic movie buffs to vote on what they would like to see restored and released based on movies in their catalog from the 1930s to the 1960s. For each decade, Fox decided to release the top two picks due to an overwhelming response. … Read Full Post

Massive Alfred Hitchcock Collection to be Released

In further celebration of their 100th anniversary, Universal Studios will release

Opening Night at the TCM Festival

This past Thursday, Turner Classic Movies opened its third annual film festival with an all-star red carpet affair to showcase Cabaret (1972), which had been recently restored for its 40th anniversary. … Read Full Post

Trail Riders

After the bank of Gila Springs is robbed by Ace Alton and his gang, and Sheriff Frank Hammond, son of Marshal Jim Hammond, is killed. The Marshal sends for the Range Busters, to come and restore order to the town.

Guillermo del Toro’s Cronos on DVD

A bizarre take on vampirism, this 1993 Mexican horror-fantasy tells of an alchemist who creates a scarab-like device that will give its user eternal youth and even restore life to the dead…but at a chilling price.

Celebrity Chef, Old Style

With the resurgence of celebrity chefs on the food network and elsewhere, “crap archivist” Alan Scherstuhl of LA Weekly brings us a delightful thrift-store find – the forgotten David Wade , … Read Full Post