4 Classic Movies Being Released on Blu-ray in…

A list of some of the classic movies releasing on Blu-ray in April, including a suspense thriller from Alfred Hitchcock and a heartbreaking romance by David Lean.

4 Classics Releasing on Blu-ray for January 2016

A list of classics releasing on Blu-ray featuring Jack Nicholson, Rita Hayworth, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Another Hitchcock Anniversary to Celebrate

It has become somewhat obligatory to celebrate even the most minor of milestones when it comes to the life and career of Alfred Hitchcock. And, of course, 2012 offers no exceptions. … Read Full Post

Hitchcock Keeping a Cool Head

Okay, that’s a terrible pun,  but this picture too good. It’s Alma Reveille, wife of director Alfred Hitchcock, posing with his prop head in her refrigerator. I love the whole retro vibe,…

Haywire – Brooke Hayward’s Memoir is Back in Print

Originally published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1977 and long out of print, the book is a stunning confessional memoir that includes a new epilogue by the author and a new introduction by screenwriter and actor Buck Henry.

All Hitchcock’s Cameos

Who was the one star who appeared in every one of Alfred Hitchcock’s many classic films ? Alfred Hitchcock , of course, if only for a few brief seconds in every movie. Most … Read Full Post

Hitchcock Profile

The undisputed king of movie mystery and mayhem, director Alfred Hitchcock combined suspense, sex and dark humor to create masterpieces of classic film. One of the most influential directors in movie history, Alfred Hitchcock was often imitated, rarely equaled.

Hitchcock – Cary Grant Movies

Two legends – director Alfred Hithcock and star Cary Grant – worked together over two decades, producing four classic movies together in a stellar collaboration. All four have a place among the great films of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

The 39 Steps Review

A fast-paced, tightly woven 1935 suspense film by Alfred Hitchcock, ‘The 39 Steps’ establishes many of the themes that would return in Hitchcock’s later work. With clever dialog, darkly comic scenes, and Robert Donat as the dashing hero.

To Catch a Thief

A frothy, stylish romp on the French Riviera with two gorgeous stars and a great director, Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch a Thief’ puts Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in the witty tale of a reformed jewel thief chasing a copycat burglar.