4 Classics Starring Dennis Hopper

One of the most manic of actors, Dennis Hopper turned in one memorable performance after another in his long, storied career.

Classic Charlton Heston Movies

Born to be a leading man, Charlton Heston played Biblical prophets and princes, tortured artists and worn-down cowboys, policemen and clerics during his long and varied career. Here are seven classic films featuring Charlton Heston, a classic Hollywood hero.

Tony Curtis Biography

Devastatingly handsome, Tony Curtis established himself as a matinee idol, but played an astonishingly varied range of roles over his long career. Tony Curtis’s biography stretches from the immigrant neighborhoods of New York’s lower East Side to the heights of Hollywood stardom.

Dennis Hopper Movies

Brilliant, edgy and difficult, Dennis Hopper played roles in influential classic movies from the very start of his long career. He was rarely the lead actor, but always intense and fascinating, as these classic Dennis Hopper movies demonstrate.