Patty Duke Dead at 69

A brief look at the life and career of former child star, Patty Duke, who died this morning from complications due to a ruptured intestine.

Patty Duke Dead at 69

A brief look at the life and career of former child star, Patty Duke, who died this morning from complications due to a ruptured intestine.

5 Classic Movies Starring John Cazale

Though he only appeared in five movies before his life was cut short by cancer, actor John Cazale batted a thousand in films that were nominated for Best Picture.

5 Greta Garbo Classics

Both glamorous and mysterious, Swedish actress Greta Garbo first gained notice overseas in Germany before becoming a major Hollywood star in the waning days of the silent era. She captured the attention of American audiences, but remained immensely more popular in Europe. Garbo retired in the early 1940s and lived in relative seclusion for the remainder of her life. Here are five classic movies starring Greta Garbo.

Steve McQueen Movies

A cool customer and a man of few words, Steve McQueen became something of a pioneer for playing alienated loners while becoming the biggest box office start of his generation. Building off the work of Marlon Brando and James Dean, McQueen’s onscreen persona was that of an anti-establishment rebel prone to violence and solving problems on his own terms. He became a star in the early 1960s, was nominated for his only Oscar in the middle of the decade, and was propelled to international stardom at the end of it. In 1974, McQueen was the highest paid actor working in Hollywood, though he slowed down his output by the end of the ‘70s, no doubt due to the cancer that claimed his life in 1980 when he was just 50 years old. While his career laid unfinished, McQueen’s legacy was certain as he emerged as one of the most influential actors from any era.

Bette Davis Movies

One of the greatest screen actresses of all time, Bette Davis used her iron will to forge a remarkable career that boasted two Academy Awards for Best Actress among 10 nominations. A notorious perfectionist who often clashed with her directors and co-stars, Davis was nonetheless decidedly professional and delivered her best regardless of the project. She suffered numerous setbacks in her life and career, and was often parodied for her distinctive diction and over-the-top affectations. Nevertheless, Davis remained one of classic Hollywood’s greatest and most iconic stars.

‘Master Class’ With Sidney Poitier Tonight

This Sunday, April 22nd, the great Sidney Poitier will be featured on Oprah’s Master Class , a two-week event that will cover his life’s journey from a remote island in the Bahamas to an Academy Award-winning actor. … Read Full Post

Another Hitchcock Anniversary to Celebrate

It has become somewhat obligatory to celebrate even the most minor of milestones when it comes to the life and career of Alfred Hitchcock. And, of course, 2012 offers no exceptions. … Read Full Post

New Hitchcock Out on Blu-ray

Two of Alfred Hitchcock ‘s classic thrillers, Rebecca (1940) and Notorious (1946), are tentatively scheduled to be released on Blu-ray by MGM on January 24, 2012. Both movies featured two of Hitch’s most notable leading ladies . Rebecca starred fellow Brit Joan Fontaine as the blushing new bride of an aristocratic widower, Maxim de Winter (Laurence Olivier). After meeting de Winter in Monte Carlo, she rushes into marriage and goes back to live at his country estate, where his rather unpleasant housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers (Judith Anderson), grows increasingly hostile to her presence. As the second Mrs. de Winter grows more fearful for her life, she starts to uncover what really happened to the first. … Read Full Post

Federico Fellini’s The Clowns on DVD

An enchanting and nostalgic 1970 “documentary” about the life of circus clowns that manages to be a spoof of the genre itself.