Classic Movies Starring Gary Cooper

As one of classic Hollywood’s most iconic actors, Gary Cooper was the star of many hit classic movies and earned two Academy Awards for Best Actor in his five-decade career. He broke into acting as an extra during the silent era, had a supporting role in William Wellman ‘s Wings (1927), and catapulted to stardom as the lead in The Virginian (1929). From there, he cemented his status as a stoic, all-American and won his first Oscar for playing a pacifist-turned-war hero in Howard Hawks ‘ Sergeant York (1941). … Read Full Post

Sergeant York Review

‘Sergeant York’ is a sharp-shooting pacifist from the backwoods of Tennessee becomes an unlikely war hero in the true story of Sergeant York and his courage in WWI. Gary Cooper stars in this great classic movie as Sergeant York, wrestling with duty to God and country.