4 Classics Starring Sterling Hayden

A list of classic movies starring Hollywood tough guy, Sterling Hayden, including The Asphalt Jungle and The Killing.

Glenn Ford Movies

A versatile actor comfortable in just about any genre, Glenn Ford excelled at playing Everyman characters trapped in extraordinary circumstances. Though noted for tough guy roles in Westerns and film noir, Ford also excelled in comedies, character dramas, and social issue movies. Ford reached the height of his popularity in the late-1950s and managed to stay relevant two decades later. Here are five of Glenn Ford’s very best films.

Kirk Douglas, the Ultimate Tough Guy

A birthday tribute to the ultimate “tough guy,” both on and off screen, a man of great integrity and obvious talent who has overcome physical problems in recent years and continues to stay active.

The Chase

Chuck Scott gets a job as chauffeur to tough guy Eddie Roman; but Chuck’s involvement with Eddie’s fearful wife becomes a nightmare.