4 Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd Movies

Though they only appeared in four movies together, Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd were one of the great onscreen couples of the classic era.

6 Classic Movies Starring Film Noir Queen…

A classic movie icon whose peek-a-boo hairstyle was copied the world over, Veronica Lake’s star flashed briefly before burning out in the 1940s.

Veronica Lake: Hollywood's Troubled Femme Fatale

A timeless beauty whose peek-a-boo blonde locks were the height of fashion, Veronica Lake was for a brief period one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. She made several hits in the early 1940s and achieved legendary status alongside her most frequent co-star, Alan Ladd. Despite her popularity with audiences, Lake was decidedly unpopular with her fellow actors and co-workers thanks to increasingly irrational behind-the-scenes behavior exacerbated by mental illness and dependence on alcohol. By the early 1950s, her career was finished and she died alone in relative obscurity two decades later. But Lake forever remained a classic Hollywood icon who exuded a icy-hot sexuality unmatched by her contemporaries.

Turner Classic Movies Announces Guest Programmers

TCM has just announced its first batch of guest hosts who will join host Robert Osborne for the cable network’s popular Guest Programmer series. On March 20th, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and Oscar nominee, Jules Feiffer, will sit in with Osborne to introduce his favorites, including Gregory La Cava’s screwball comedy, My Man Godfrey (1936), the classic film noir, This Gun for Hire (1942), starring Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd, and They Drive By Night (1940), with Ida Lupino and Humphrey Bogart. … Read Full Post