4 Great Movies Featuring Virginia Mayo

A luminous actress often paired with Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo shined in such classics as The Best Years of Our Lives and White Heat.

Best Director Oscar Winners – 1980s

With the auteur era of the New Hollywood 1970s nearing an end, Hollywood films began taking on a more conventional form once again as directors were reviving once popular genres like the historical epic and family drama. In the 1980s, a pair of huge screen stars won their first Oscars for directing while an Italian legend became the first Western filmmaker to shoot behind the walls of Beijing’s Forbidden City. Some extraordinary films were made in the decade of greed and indulgence, some of which have been elevated into modern classics. Here are all 10 winners for the Best Director Academy Award for the years 1980-1989.

Roger Ebert's Favorite Classics

Over the years, Roger Ebert wrote thousands of reviews for his home newspaper, the Chicago Sun-Times. He has given thumbs up or thumbs down on countless movies during his five decades as a critic. While he mainly focused on contemporary movies, he also wrote reviews of many classics. Here is a list of classic movies loved by Roger Ebert and what he had to say about them.

Classic Westerns

An old staple that has been part of Hollywood since the silent era, Westerns have gone through a dramatic transformation over the years, often to rekindle interest after falling out of public favor. Gone are the stalwart heroes in white hats battling men in black during the 1930s and ’40s, and in their place are the brooding antiheroes of the 1960s and ’70s. Though few are made in this day and age, Westerns remain one of Hollywood’s tried and true genres.

Classic War Movies for Memorial Day

With Memorial Day just a couple of weeks away, I thought it would be a good idea to explore several classic war movies Hollywood has released over the years. Some showcase the heroics of history’s greatest battles, while others display on the harsh realities of war itself. And one focuses on a larger-than-life American general who commanded authority while ironically defying his own superiors. … Read Full Post

Best Picture Snubs

Every year during Oscar season, there are countless arguments over what film or actor has been snubbed by the Academy. While most complaints are dismissible, there have been a few omissions over the years that have been mystifying, and in some cases unforgivable. Here are nine classic movies that could easily have been nominated for Best Picture, but were ignored by the Academy instead.

Favorite Holiday Movies

My annual list of my favorite classic Christmas and New Years films.

Citizen Kane

‘Citizen Kane’ was nearly strangled in the crib by its target, William Randolph Hearst, but Orson Welles’ masterpiece of film noir survived. Over the years, ‘Citizen Kane’ has come to be seen as perhaps the finest classic movie ever made.